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Real Estate :: Two Truths About Closing Deals

online installment loan application no credit Obviously everything perform as investors is geared towards closing deals. Online Installment Loan Application No Credit It?s obvious if an offer doesn?t close, the cash isn?t made.

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So we?ve got a chance to close deals right?


But here?s one insight that, should you take notice, could save you much grief.

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When it comes to closing an arrangement there?s no magic bullet, there?s no perfect script. No deal is ever the identical because, in real estate, you?re dancing with people, and most people are unique.

So the two truths that you need to understand when you get into negotiations are these:

Not every prospect will probably result in an agreement.

In fact, most properties under negotiations won?t transform into deals. So accept it, and don?t make mistake when attemping to change a jalopy in a Ferrari. It?s not going to take place, you are going to lose.

If the vendor is just not motivated enough, it?s not a deal.

The seller?s motivation may be the another thing that will make or break your deal. If they?re not motivated, you?re paying a high price, and paying full price is just not recommended in this game (if your entire investment strategy depends on appreciation, you?re gambling, don?t do that).

So, if there?s no motivation, there?s no deal. It?s simple, it?s straightforward, also it?s reality.

When you understand and accept the fact most prospects will not be deals, understanding that every deal is really a directly associated with the owner?s motivation, you?ll save a great deal of future frustration.

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